Design Philosophy


“Home is a refuge, not only from the world but a refuge from my worries, my terrible concerns. I like beautiful things around me. I like to be beautiful, because it delights my eyes and my soul is lifted up.”

Design Philosophy

Simply put. The Poetry of Purpose.

We love a beautiful environment, for our selves and for others. We love to share our design wisdom to help YOU make Your homes (and lives) better. One small bit at a time. In ones decorative whim of collecting more under the guise of ‘eclectic’, some of the most remarkable details, frequently go unnoticed by casual guests, visitors one is so attempting to please at their cluttered abode.

We believe that simple and honest is most beautiful. The KEY to distinguishing between designer and an interior decorator. You need a right eye to draw a line between beautiful, balanced and cluttered,and tacky?

Organizing aesthetics is about emphasizing the organic, functional, detailed ideas to promote elegant, healthy spaces that project environmental well being. And that should be the real goal of every house hold this year.

Happy decorating in 2012 :)


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