Recycling: Using old pallet

So many things can be done if mood for recycling! e.g find an opportunity to pick up a few pallets. Ideas for using old pallets into furniture and other practical and decorative pieces.

I would like to mention that the designs below were found at various sources on the Internet. Where possible I have mentioned the original source, but unfortunately too many do not. If you are the original designer for any of the furniture below, please let me know so that I can add your details.


Make furniture for your home



ABOVE: Mobius Living take pallets to a new level, offering clients the opportunity to buy ready-made coffee tables.



ABOVE and BELOW: Who would have thought that a humble pallet could be transformed into so many practical pieces. Make a coffee table, make a dining room table, even make a sectional sofa or daybed with a wood pallet.



ABOVE: All it takes is a few reclaimed timber pallets to make up your own living room furniture.     [ via ]





In the kitchen




ABOVE and BELOW: Don’t stop there… Recycle a pallet into useful furniture and accessories for a country or cottage kitchen. Store your plate collection, make a kitchen island or dining room table. By recycling an old pallet you can create beautiful pieces – for free!



ABOVE: ReadyMade magazine transforms an ugly timber pallet into contemporary furniture for a dining room.



In the bedroom



ABOVE and BELOW: Complete your Shabby Chic bedroom with a rustic headboard made from… an old pallet !




ABOVE and BELOW: One blogger turned wooden pallets into an adorable bed for her daughter. But I would recommend some serious sanding if you plan to use pallets as a bed for a child.



In the garden



ABOVE and BELOW: Whip up a garden bench or a relaxing chair for the garden from an old pallet.




ABOVE and BELOW: Rustic pallets are perfect for in the garden. Make up a patio or table for the deck, or plant up pretty annuals and herbs for easy access.




ABOVE and BELOW: Use a pallet to create a vertical herb garden, or for planting up a vertical garden for a balcony. Click here for instructions on this project. Start by wrapping the front and sides of the pallet with landscape fabric. Place the pallet on its back and fill with tighly compressed potting soil. Start adding your plants to the openings – and the top – and make sure that they are well-compacted into the soil before placing the pallet upright to rest against a wall.



Pallets for pets



ABOVE and BELOW: The original design was available on Etsy, and sold out very quickly and I can see why! Use old pallets to make comfortable furniture for your pets.



Find and prepare your pallet


Its best if you have the opportunity to look through the pile of pallets and choose which one will work best for you.  Be picky!!!  Choose one that doesn’t have a lot of nails sticking out.  Make sure it still has most of its structure as you’ll need that support to hold everything in.  You don’t want a pallet that is missing a lot of slats. Before leaving, make sure to flash your pearly whites to the person that is graciously giving you the pallet.

Set aside plenty of time to give the pallet a good sanding – start with 60-grit and move up to finish off with 220-grit sandpaper


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