Interiors: difference bw magazine and real site

In interiors: climate, light and context!

the world is a place of variety of colors, textures, sights, sounds, smells and more. the same applies to its climate.  A very important factor in interiors. Polar Temperate Arid Tropical Mediterranean tundra  etc

while this geological geographical variety creates much diversity and beauty. It also requires certain discipline and organisation when it comes to our construction and decorating whims.

the reason why this came up was, its so common to meet clients in Pakistan, who return from holidays specially from Americas and the Europe etc in summers, while there get inspired by the exotic surroundings of their lodgings, hotels and shopping etc, and once back they want to replicate that experince back home into their interiors.

while designing any rooms in their houses  based around where they’ve just been. I always remind them to maintain a sense of place—to respect the climate of where their home is actually located!  some times it is difficult to explain how a temperate climate look won’t translate dot to dot well in a tropical or arid climate unless you create artificial matching conditions. which obviously makes the whole process costlier.

Not only the light and landscape is different, they way different materials, vegetation,  may work well in one situation may not work so well in another. so  Instead, take what you love about the setting and customize intelligently  and incorporate into your home with balance. Keep it all very simple and use accessories that hint at the environment you love.


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