Interiors: colors for the soul

Here is food for thought? Why certain colours touch your soul more than others while other fall between Poor
Okay, Good , Great, Awesome? :)

Does your soul light up when you look at or wear a particular color or see it in your surrounding? All of us gravitate toward a certain hue, from violet to orange, but did you know that astrology can directly influence your colour choice? Learn more about which colours are most closely associated with your Sun sign.

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Pisces is definitely at the violet end of the rainbow, as they are the furthest-out and most cosmic of the signs. Purple is the spiritual colour of the crown chakra.


Indigo is the colour of the third eye, which of course befits Scorpio since these folks possess penetrating vision that sees way beyond surface reality.

Taurus and Libra

The throat chakra is blue, most associated with Taurus, the sign most attracted to that Venusian colour. Being a consummate diplomat and charming speaker, Libra also maintains a connection to the throat chakra, with brilliant sky-blue its transcendental home

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini’s body area is the shoulders, so the Twins tune into the crossover colour between green and blue – often a turquoise shade.Sagittarius also has a focus on shoulders and thighs, so they tend to like both green and warm brown.

  • Leo and Cancer

    Leo, the sign of the heart and of great vitality, is associated where green merges into yellow on the chakras. Cancer is also focused around the heart area of yellow as it merges into pale ginger.

  • Capricorn

    Capricorn rules the joints, which covers several of the chakras; green into brown are its true choices.

  • Virgo

    Virgo moves down a chakra to the orange sacral region, and is truly allured by this colour of hidden passion.

  • Aries

    Being first and most dynamic of all the Sun signs, Aries buzzes to brilliant, fiery red of the base chakra.

  • Aquarius

    And Aquarius, just to be contrary (as usual), actually prefers them all: A rainbow spectrum is what makes the Aquarius a heart sign.


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