Interior: Check list

The Rupee amount for the interior design of your house depends on location, finish types,quality of materials used and the design details unique to your environment.

We will be able to help you with these details. Here is a check list to get you started. Use this check list to determine if you accounted for most of your decorative needs. However we also suggest you read all of our topic on design.

This check list is based on all types of Interior Design.

Flooring: ceramic tile, carpet, stained concrete slab, wood, linoleum, etc.
Wall covering: paint, wallpaper, faux finish, wainscoting, wood panel.
Ceiling: paint, moldings, tin ceiling, etc.
Lighting: task, decorative, etc.
Window treatments: blinds, curtains, shades, etc.
Bars/counter/table tops: size, style, equipment, finishes
Furniture: barstools, tables, chairs, Sofas, lounge seating, etc.
Tabletop: centerpieces, tabletop accessories, etc.
Decorative accessories: artwork, mirrors, pictures, sculpture
Fixtures: display fixtures
New additions: new walls, conceptual architectural elements, etc.
Labor costs: The list above represents material costs. Don’t forget labor
Structural changes
Sound Systems
Accoustical considerations
Kitchen equipment
Flexible lighting
Design Consulting Fees


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