Interiors: The deep colour Palette

A deep colour palette says bold is beautiful. Rich reds, deep blues, emerald greens, burgundy, indigo and terracotta are common hues. Walls should be in warm shades such as buttery yellow, mango orange or pale earth tones. Distressed surfaces and antique finishes add a regal, timeworn touch. Leave those petal pinks and baby blues behind. If you want pink, lean toward fuchsia, and make it less flowery by grounding it with orange or accenting it with gold.

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  • walls go beyond the application of color. often feature ornate trim or architectural elements such as arches, engraved trim and carvings. Hand-painted tiles in ornate patterns such as paisley or in decorative images of birds and flowers, add a deep colour touch to the home or the garden. deep colour tradition groups intricately designed tiles together for a very busy look.
  • Floor coverings are famous for their intricacy. Persian rugs e.g are individual works of art, used in contrasting patterns and colors across the surface of the floor, on walls and even as covers on beds or couches. Details such as natural dyes and hand-knotting are common. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs of different sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, textures and materials.


  • Make your home feel like a palace. Functional objects such as lightfixtures, candles, shelves and tables all deserve an artisan touch and appearance of intricate carvings, inlaid panels, hammered tin leaves and hand-painted trim.Elaborately framed mirrors and paintings create the perfect persian gulf atmosphere.An ornate coffee table brightened by paisley floor cushions e.g.


  • Cover light fixtures in beautiful metal lanterns set with colored glass stones or panels to cast bright reflections about the room. Use bright, metallic textile textures in silk or satin, trimmed with fringe, beads, small mirrors or metallic embroidery.

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