Interiors: The richness with in.


Eclectic style is self-defining, because it enriches itself from varied sources.
Eclectic mixes and integrates old and new, creating a vibrant, layered look that varies from room to room.
Eclectic is an orchestra of color, textures, patterns, fabrics, all incorporated into one unique and individualistic style.

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Room Layouts

  • Geometry in room layouts can be as simple as decorating in a square or in a circle, or more involved if there are hexagonal windows or a view that needs to be incorporated into the design of the room. Placing an entertainment stand at an angle in a corner is an example of using geometry. Angles must be measured, and space and distances need to be maintained. Room layouts also involve linear designs for separating areas of the room.


  • Choosing pieces of furniture and decor for a room involves geometry as you figure out the space and symmetry required to make each item part of a complete room. Height, width, flow, angles–all of these have to be taken into consideration to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Interior designers have to look at all of these areas and infuse geometrical thinking in their decor to make the designs complete.

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