architect or interior designer or 2 in one?

For many people, owning a home specifically designed to their taste is the ultimate lifetime goal – nobody wants to live in a cookie cutter house, and we all have dreams of that amazing spaces in environments we wish to be surrounded by.

Architecture not only reflects client’s expectations and inner character,  it should feel like an extension of their own selves. It is the ultimate approach in creating a perfect home. Architecture as of itself, however, is lost without complimenting it with Interior Design and Decoration.

Importance of Architecture

to an interior designer who is also an architect, the structural knowledge comes in very handy. While it’s true that the architecture of a building is an extension of the person for whom it was designed, it is also rather limited in terms of the amount of expression it allows. Architecture can only say so much with a basic structure. Consider what you can observe when you walk through the building before it is occupied – while it does convey a message, its the inside where one spends most of the time and so it should do more of the talking to envelope your living experience completely.

Where Interior Decoration fits in?

Interior Decoration, however, has to be complimenting both ways. On one hand, it has to fully understand  the building and blend with the architectural theme. On the other hand, the decorations should also be an expression of who and what you are as a person. It should be an extension of your identity – in plain sight for any visitor to see and (hopefully) gawk at in awe.

Interior Decoration in your home could enhance the atmosphere conveyed by the structure itself.  This may require some careful considerations, especially if you want to incorporate some of your own identity into the decorations.

The marriage of architecture and interior, is kind of a catch-22 situation. They are like two sides of a coin. The challenge lies in adding decorations that compliments both the building, and expression of client. Along with that, the surrounding landscape design plays an important role in enhancing the overall environment and making it more holistic experience.

Fortunately, there are a number of pieces that are quite timeless, and can be used along with any form of architecture, and in any setting. These include classical furniture (many of which have been used with great success in decorating modern homes),  window blinders, ceiling lights and wall mirrors – which simply add an element of space to any building, and allows you to experiment with both natural and artificial space  conditions


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