Myths about Interior designers

Have you ever tried being an “interior designer” yourself and been miserable in its experience?

Perhaps you have bravely taken on the job of being your own house contractor enjoying the power to direct or determine aesthetic choices but in the end you have exhausted your self over negotiating with installers, keeping accurate billing records and still paying furniture manufacturer more than you are required to, or ensuring you have met building codes for local authorities, may be you have spent hours trying getting all the measurements just right and yet running short of that fabric and making unnecessary trips?

Alas, all you wanted was your inner creativity to have freedom to play and create a fantastic visual experience in your home but instead, you find your self organizing the tedious details of execution and while making sure EVERYTHING is perfect, and before you know it, your favorite design becomes chairs that are uncomfortable to sit on,  have bought and collected accessories that you love, but which don’t go together with surroundings.

Your experiences begin to clash.

Lets face it, We know life is a hassle with multiple decisions. And we all need help with them. Sometimes we DO feel as though we just can’t add one more responsibility to our busy life. People get the romantic notion that this business is all about picking out beautiful things, working with lush colors, and being creative all the time. Unfortunately it is not so

As a very happy designer, I can say Architecture and Interior design is a widely misunderstood profession by people. Perhaps you thought that it is an expensive experience,  time and energy consuming, directionless, and a an interior designer is just an aesthetic extortionist :)

I have been in the practice for over 10 years and i feel its the most rewarding experience if done right. Sure, I made some mistakes along the way. But I have learned, picked myself up and am a better person and designer as a result of it. I have learnt to do it the right way, and along the way i have corrected myself and learnt a few things from people who made the mistake of not seeking professional help when they should have.

so ask your self:

Are you a young house wife? Or have your kids all grown up and moved out of the house?
Are you and your husband having trouble agreeing on what to do?
Are you a bloke who wanting a whole cool look for a bachelor pad but doesn’t know where to start?
Do you have more money than before now and want to have your home reflect your step up in life?
Do you own a house with character and don’t know how to “dress” it and remain true to its history?

you are the one we are seeking
Let us simplify it for you.
Make an appointment.




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