Vision: Post Graduate Practice

Reminiscence of Architectural practice

Humans civilizations/habitats were born on ecological patterns and that’s where we should begin from now
Initially, they were directly inspired from nature so their habitats were healthy for them as well as their environment. But eventually humans developed ambition to control nature and imposed structures that began to undermine and defy nature and then appeared cheap copies of those structures to modify natural landscape to the extent that presently we humans have destroyed the planet’s primary eco-systems and respective environment.

My reminiscence of post graduate practice in a large metropolis, where i grewup also includes several years of gratifying ( and un) employment at diverse practices. I have observed that even the highly capable and qualified practices awkwardly resist the tendency to be indulgent and struggle to identify with a cultural individuality that unanimously satisfies the aesthetic intellect and contributes to the built environment with cultural and social sensitivity. Having been groomed in this environment, I started my independent practice with a mission.

The beauty of architecture lies in its multidimensional and as a comprehensive discipline, as an art and a state of mind. Pushing the architect to critically think and make informed choices influenced by its context in diverse culture of languages, beliefs, customs and prejudices among other elements. I wanted to find a reference point to realize my work’s place in this context. In few ambitious projects on individual and commercial scales my practice revealed that it is not as easily achieved. The subject requires a deep understanding of consumers’ psychology, restrictive planning template, administrative resources, economic issues, socio-political and cultural and community processes. I gradually have found my interest shifting to the last two subjects of the equation.


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